For me, the most important discovery in the human kingdom...

"Revelation is spontaneous, liberation is gradual".

Revelation: seeing what is always here; the canvas of life, the Presence of Source.

Liberation: the practical allowing of fun-da-mental insights into the nature of our true Being - Awareness.

// Just in case anyone would ever ask me (-; and maybe tomorrow I will rephrase it.


Holger: This is a private website, I am not selling you a membership or an ideology.

I don't want you to believe anything of what I share, but I encourage you to proof me wrong, experientially.

Don't just stone me with your fears, doubts and attachments, but be brave and effortlessly aware where the words point to, and resonate in you, inside of your own Being.

Be clear and practical about what you really want! Our time here together is precious; as a body-mind we don't live forever.

What do you have discovered so far, during your decades on this planet? What are you really seeking?

My own discovery is very humbling, because what I was longing for during my 50+ years on planet Earth was always here and now, I was just too preoccupied with my own faulty thinking and immature conclusions.

Where to start?

I spent decades with various trial and error approaches, teachings and practices, without being able to admit what I am really looking for. I tried to fill my inner emptiness with pleasures, book knowledge and trying to please an assumed outer.

I did not see the cause and mechanism of my suffering, my unhappiness, the deep uncomfortableness with myself.

Thanks to Roger, I am finding "Peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances".

It doesn't sound very sexy or fun, but it goes bone-deep and is the foundation stone.

With gratitude to Life and to the uncounted human beings who generously and tirelessly share their wisdom, patience and forgiveness.

"Who do you say I am"?

Why did it take so long to see, what is so utterly simple and beautiful?

"Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex." -- Mooji

I am sticking here to the Bible, just because my wife is a dedicated Jehovah's witness.

Truth is not limited to Christianity or any organization, it is freely and abundantly available to anyone who is hungry enough.

Instead to quietly suffer and wait for a "God" supposed to be without, to fix what is not broken -- the mess of our self-inflicted human ignorance -- it seems wise to take heart and investigate our own suffering and sense of self.

Love or Preferences?

Please give me a chance, pretend some openness; don't just run away in case I choose the wrong word and push one of your many buttons!

My words here are not intended to be absolute; they are just a simple attempt to inspire a deeper seeing; to remove the veil that makes us feel and think as a seemingly separate-self, cut-off from our true nature, the core of our Being, God.

God/Source/Love is real and essential, but not as we think and imagine. Unless we understand and feel the limitations of our own mind and identity we cannot embrace and share the gift of Life.

If we don't understand the limitations of thinking and personality we will continue to defend our own faulty thinking and position.

Are we still on the same page?

April 24th 4:00 PM. Please stay tuned ...

Understanding the metaphors of scripture is key to not be intimidated by ignorance.