Disclaimer: Again, all of my words not for you to fall into the trap of believing, but to explore, examine and test yourself!

Some few harmless words we maybe read a hundred times:

"You pore over the Scriptures because you presume that by them you possess eternal life. These are the very words that testify about Me, yet you refuse to come to Me to have life.…"

John 5:39

That is quite an amazing passage!

What can we discover here and now?

From my perspective, the Bible is a tool, a gift for us to understand and overcome the limitations of human nature, to sharpen and outgrow our discernment, to learn how to think; to realize the glory -- the Presence -- of God in our here and now.

Given to us in the form of a story, so that it can easily be memorized and shared. Written in an exquisite and artful way, so that everyone receives according to their unique capacity and needs. Encouraging us to bypass our dull surface mind through prayer and meditation.

Childhood fantasies, assumptions and fear of authority might make us shy away from taking a playful, loving, deeper look:

The speaker, Jesus, is humanities pattern for salvation. Encouraging you, me, everyone to take heart and overcome "this world" of faulty psychological thinking.

Not to physically die, but to awaken to this wonderful Earth of God's perfect creation. Born from below we have eyes but see not; our wicked self-defending ignorance acts like a veil that prevents us from trusting and resting at the core of Being aware.

"come to Me to have life..."

This 'me' is "I AM the LORD, your God" at the core of everyone's Being. Christ, the wisdom and power of God that can only operate where it is welcomed and realized.

Without prayer and meditation it makes no sense to our faulty egoic thinking,

The "Me" is our own enlightened reasoning longing to reunite with its Source.

Being connect with Source is our natural state -- the kingdom --, from where we don't resist the will of God, and are joint-heir to all the heavenly riches.

The Bible is full of metaphors -- concepts --, to teach us about Life and how we can find unbroken Peace of mind, independent of circumstances.

Most of my life I perceived the Bible as dark, gloomy and sticky; it made me feel depressed, guilty, confused and all those things.

But it is such a rich gift to dig deeper, to get clear about myself, to even question my own faulty thinking which creates the sufferings of "this world".

It is about discovering the light of Awareness at the core of everyone's Being -- God's temple not made by hands.

If we just use it as a pain-killer or occasional entertainment, we miss our opportunity.

Again! It is not about believing, hoping, waiting, but to ask, knock and receive here and now.

Willing to leave behind our nets of psychological identity and to follow Jesus -- enlightened reasoning -- into a most practical radical openness to understand how we create our own suffering.

How can we be of service if we are enslaved to, and intimidated by faulty thinking?

Please stay tuned!

04/26/2020 3:30 PM