My sense of Self

Rush or hush?

Please don't just rush through those pages, but take your time to deeply listen and to feel inside of your own Being. We are so accustomed in overlooking the most obvious! Our ability to reason outside the box of our own thinking and feeling traditions has atrophied, but can be resurrected and strengthened again!

Be in awe, be curious, be here, now. There is nothing you need to do or change, no effort, besides feeling deeper/higher beyond your familiarity, restlessness and unaware resistance. The essence of what you were longing for your whole life is always here and now: Being and awareness.

Allowing the effortless recalibration from thinking your separate-self, to feeling your true nature -- Life/Love/God -- results in practical Peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances.


"This world" is our personal and collective interpretation of God's perfect, benevolent and loving creation, dulled through the eyes of our own 'thinking mind'.

"This world" we can leave behind in a twinkle of an eye, and rest safely and securely in the everlasting arms of God/Life/Love/Universe; even while things get done!

We just need to get our hands dirty in being clear who and where God IS, beyond hearsay, wishful thinking and childhood traumas.


Slow down, meditate... pray -- not to gamble with circumstances -- but pray from the bottom of your Heart that your eyes be opened to see and feel the gift of Life.

Be Spontaneous?

Some fun-da-mental thinking is necessary to set a practical and reliable benchmark (Happiness through peace of mind).

As a tool, as a reference; to bring to light, to see and feel the trap of our own faulty thinking (sin = missing the mark).

The price, the ransom has long been paid, but we need to allow to wake up, to gently pick up our bed and happily walk our talk, by effortlessly leaving no inner stone (belief, concept, feeling, resistance) unturned .

There is a thin layer of fear and despair that veils the Light in us. It requires some gentle bravery to die to our former psychological beliefs, hopes and assumptions; only what is false in us can and has to die.

I feel prayer as the relaxation of my 'thinking mind' and the dropping into Being.

At the bottom of are two very simple but deep meditations.

Our mature thinking is a powerful and necessary servant, but a wicked master.


Our seeking has to be practical, otherwise we continue fooling ourselves.

"Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex."

"Embrace with your heart what mind cannot understand".


We can only think one thought at a time!

Thinking is not the problem.

Incessant and faulty thinking is the effect of a false sense of Self.


All you ever need is at your disposal, right here and now; but our faulty thinking doesn't know what it needs.

Please stay tuned (-;

April 26th, 2020